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Wireless smoke alarm ASD 10

The new AFRISO wireless ASD 10 smoke alarm is designed for reliable detection of fire gases and fumes in residential spaces. Audible alarm is triggered when a defined smoke concentration is detected. The photoelectric smoke alarm ASD 10 consists of a sensor head and a mounting base with integrated EnOcean wireless module.

The sensor head features a permanently installed lithium battery with a service life of up to 10 years for reliable, long-term fire protection. A fire alarm is indicated by an alarm tone with approx. 85 dB and a flashing LED. The alarms are also transmitted via the EnOcean wireless module. A photovoltaic cell generates the required energy. A battery can be installed in the base for use in darker environments. The AFRISOhome gateway lets you program a great variety of scenarios for an alarm, for example switching on the lights for the escape route, opening of shutters for escaping, push messages, etc. In parallel with the alarm transmission, cyclical function tests are performed via the EnOcean wireless module. Under regular light conditions, ASD 10 is supplied by means of a photovoltaic cell. If the daylight is less than 200 Lux, a small ½ AA lithium battery (DC 3.6 V) is used. This does not affect the lithium battery permanently installed in the sensor head. The ASD 10 smoke alarm is suitable for ambient temperatures of 0/40 °C and very easy to commission.

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