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Wireless heat detector AHD 10

The IFH fair in Nuremberg will open in three weeks. Smart Home will certainly be one of the more important topics. Not just because the number of burglaries, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning is not really going down, but because today it is possible to carry along your home on your smartphone or tablet. AFRISO will present all the possibilities and demonstrate how products from different vendors can be integrated in a system (hall 6, stand 205): As an HVAC professional, you should not miss this. Visit: for more information.

The new AFRISO AHD 10 wireless heat detector was developed to reliably detect heat caused by fire in rooms in which smoke detectors cannot be used because of possible false alarms caused by vapour, fumes, flue gas, smoke, dust or other substances. The heat detector AHD 10 detects rapidly rising temperatures and temperature higher than 58 °C. Any changes of state are immediately transmitted by the wireless heat detector via EnOcean wireless; other parameters such as ambient temperature are transmitted cyclically. In the case of a heat alarm, the wireless heat detector emits an audible signal whose volume increases up to a sound pressure of 85 db; the integrated LED flashes twice per second instead of every 48 seconds when no alarm condition is present. The heat detector AHD 10 features a permanently installed lithium battery with a service life of approximately 10 years of regular operation. A pushbutton allows for a complete function test; it is recommended to do this once per week. An integrated solar cell supplies the wireless mounting base with power in environments with regular light conditions; in darker environments, it is advisable to use a battery.The wireless modules integrated in the mounting bases have unique IDs so that a receiver can distinguish multiple heat detectors. The new wireless heat detector AHD 10 is approved as per EN 54-5, class A1/R for heat detection systems and ensures maximum safety in rooms.

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