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Wireless actuator AVD 30 for increased heating comfort

Since the beginning of the smart home age at the turn of the millennium, the number of smart home households has increased dramatically, but many potential users still shy away from major costs due to complex installation efforts as well as noise and dirt in the building. However, modern smart home systems are based on wireless technologies and therefore do not require wiring. AFRISO offers a system with a gateway that allows for integration of products from other vendors as well. At present, more than 200 devices are already integrable and new comfort or safety-relevant or energy-saving components are constantly being added. It goes without saying that many functions can be controlled via smartphones. 

The actuator was designed for wireless and battery-less temperature control in individual rooms and is ideal for retrofitting of radiators. AVD 30 is particularly suitable for use in schools and public buildings in which the temperature may only be adjusted by authorised staff. Adjustments are made exclusively via the AFRISOhome app or via a central operating unit. It is advisable to measure the actual temperature via the external room temperature sensor FTM 20 TF from AFRISO.

The actuator AVD 30 requires no batteries; to generate the energy required for operation and communication between the AFRISOhome gateway it uses the temperature difference between the room and the radiator. An internal energy storage module helps to prevent conditions with insufficient energy supply during operation. If the energy storage module is empty, the actuator opens the radiator valve by 50 % and switches to idle state. Once a sufficient volume of heating water flows, AVD 30 starts automatically and resumes controlling the room temperature. In sparely heated rooms, it may be necessary to charge the energy storage module via the integrated micro USB port; the actuator triggers a corresponding alarm on time.

AVD 30 controls, for example, the room temperature in a room with radiators. For this purpose, the actual temperature is measured directly at the actuator or with an additional room temperature sensor. The reference temperature can be set, for example, via the AFRISOhome app in combination with an AFRISO gateway. The actual temperature and the reference temperature in the AFRISOhome gateway are compared every 10 minutes and necessary change requests are transmitted to the actuator. Additional configurable conditions can be included in the temperature control (for example, temperature reduction if a window is open or in the case of absence). This flexible control of the room temperature combines multiple benefits: you can increase living comfort and reduce energy and operating costs. More infos

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