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Afriso Underfloor Heating Coupler type Manifolds

The Afriso Coupler type heating distribution manifolds and accessories form a large part the of Afriso Group’s manufacturing programme.

Made from high quality moulded plastic and covering a multitude of different applications predominantly underfloor heating systems, the coupler type manifold is the latest model in a long line of innovative designs.

Unique features include expandable 2-12 circuit strands with quick lock and seal function, easy assembly mounting frame, Eurocone pipe connections, adjustable and removable flow metres with secure leak free removal feature.

Supporting these manifolds is a comprehensive range of accessories including thermal actuators and room sensors, compensated heating controllers, and an extensive range of interconnection fittings and safety valves.

General Specification
  • 50 mm distance between heating circuits
  • G¾ Eurocone connector for heating circuit connection
  • G1- Cap nut for main connection
  • Actuator 24 V, 230 V or m30x1.5 female setscrew
  • Stop valve or flowmeter  1.5 – 3.5 l/min
  • G3/8 air vent or bleed
  • Bimetal thermometer 0 – 60°C
  • KFE-cock G½ with turnable hose connector G¾
  • 2 – 12 heating circuits
  • Operating temperature:
  • max. 60°C at 6 bar;
  • max. 90°C at 3 bar
  • kvs = 0.75 m³/h
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