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Thermostatic mixing valve ATM 363 WMG

The new ATM 363 W thermostatic mixing valve is suitable for control of hot water in drinking water systems, boilers or drinking water heaters as per EN806. The system was designed for implementing or retrofitting a service water circulation connection to an energy storage tank (hot water tank/stratified storage tank with hygienic heat exchanger) with existing safety-related equipment and pump. The compact, pre-assembled and tightness-tested assembly in form-fit insulation consists of an adjustable thermostat mixing valve, connection pieces as per DIN1988 and a flow distribution unit with backflow preventer, lance connection and drain valve for venting or flushing the circulation line.

A mixing valve with control knob with temperature scale (35/60C) is provided for easy adjustment of the temperature of the water to be mixed. A cap protects the control knob against improper operation; it can be lead-sealed to help prevent unwanted adjustments. The selected adjustment is visible through the window in the cap. If the cold water line is interrupted, the mixing valve automatically closes the hot water supply to help protect against scalding.

The ATM 363 WMG mixing valve is designed for temperatures of the medium of up to 95C and system pressures of up to 10bar. G female and G1 female are available as system connections. The system is designed for connection (G female) to a circulation line. The form-fit polypropylene heat insulation ensures that no time-consuming heat insulation work is required. The system is fast and easy to install and commission.

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