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Thermal mixing valves ATM

The new AFRISO ATM thermal mixing valves have been designed for controlling hot water in sanitary applications as well as for smaller underfloor heating circuits which are directly connected to the flow (max. 60 °C). In addition, they can be used in panel heating systems such as wall or underfloor heating systems which require a constant mixed water temperature to avoid damage to floors and pipes.

The thermal mixing valves consist of a brass body and a control knob with temperature scale made of high-strength plastic as well as a cap with a window. The design of the internal geometry as well as the materials used at the control surfaces ensure that control errors (for example, caused by lime deposits on the sealing surfaces) are a matter of the past. The mixing valves are available in eight versions which are fully adjustable in the ranges from either 20/43 °C or 35/60 °C. The selected adjustment is visible through the window of the cap even during operation. The cap protects the control knob against improper operation. To exclude the possibility of unwanted adjustments, the thermal mixing valve ATM can also be lead-sealed. The valve rapidly responds to fluctuations in the cold water line by immediately interrupting the hot water supply. This provides protection against scaling, for example, when the user takes a shower or a bath. The maintenance-free mixing valve can be used with drinking water or water with a max. admixture of glycol of 50 % and for temperatures of the medium of up to 90 °C (short-term 110 °C). The nominal pressure is 10 bar max. and the dynamic operating pressure 5 bar max. The valve operates with an accuracy of ± 2 °C (EN 1111); it is available with G¾ AG, Rp¾ female, G1 male as well as the flow coefficient values Kvs 1.6 m3/h or 2.5 m3/h.

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