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Temperature and humidity measurement with wireless sensor FTM 20 TF

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The new battery-less and maintenance-free temperature sensor FTM 20 TF from AFRISO measures the ambient temperature and the humidity in rooms at regular intervals. If sensor data change significantly, they are immediately transmitted to the optionally available AFRISOhome gateway (basic building block of a state-of-the-art building management system, ideal for setting up a smart home system in apartments, multi-family houses or administration buildings) and can be used as an input variable for controlling actuators, such as radiator actuators or exhaust fans with EnOcean wireless.

The energy required to send a wireless telegram is generated by means of an integrated photovoltaic cell. The integrated, solar-operated energy storage module allows for several days of operation even in total darkness. In permanently dark environments (such as basements or warehouses) it is also possible to use a button cell battery.

A double-sided adhesive strip allows for extremely easy mounting of the compact housing to walls or furniture. It is possible to plug on an enclosed metal plate which serves as a base for placing the sensor on a shelf, a window sill or a sideboard.

FTM 20 TF works in conjunction with, for examples, the AFRISO wireless actuators AVD 20-D and AVD 30 or with the AFRISOhome gateway. Products from other vendors can also be connected to this gateway. The user can configure a whole range of fully customisable, extensible applications which can be controlled via smartphones or tablets.

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