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Tankguard 3 Tank Fillpoint Management System

TankGuard 3 is a Tank Fillpoint Management System.

Originally designed to comply with all Health and Safety Standards relating to Fuel Oil Installations, the system has been extended to incorporate specific requirements of the various Military, Health and Local Authority users as well as Government and Industry.

The system complies with Specification 036 (was M&E3) and can be used with any 4-20mA loop or non-loop powered level measuring device.

This makes TankGuard 3 a universally applicable system providing the user with total flexibility to apply the most reliable type of level sensors such as capacitance, ultrasonic, pressure, float, intrinsically safe or standard to perform a reliable measuring task.

TankGuard 3 features an attractive wall-mounting weatherproof housing to IP65 and requires no other cabinet or housing enclosure.

It incorporates an easy to read % analogue dial trend indicator to give ‘at-a-glance’ information of the level in the tank.

The red LED digital display provides the user with the current tank volume and an internal sounder and large LED cluster lamps give warnings of re-order, high level and overfill alarm conditions.

The overfill alarm input is via a separate level sensor such as a float or capacitance level switch for safety.

To comply with Safety Regulations, TEST and MUTE buttons are purposely situated for easy operation and the added REFILL VOLUME button is particularly useful for re-ordering purposes and also provides the delivery driver with a check facility to tell him that he can safely discharge the full delivery load into the tank.

The system also provides a 4-20mA retransmission output and voltage free contacts for connection to a BMS system.

A version with GSM monitoring is also available as is an ATEX version.

Tankguard 3 is supplied pre-calibrated to suit any tank shape and requires no user calibration on site once installed.

VarioFox Tank Management System

Nowadays it is hard to imagine complex logistics, production and maintenance processes without efficient communication technologies in areas where production processes have to be run permanently at an optimum rate. But smaller and medium sized companies in particular do not necessarily require network supported process visualization or even 24 hour round the clock manned supervision.

For example: A 30000 litre tank contains Diesel fuel oil and an indication of the actual oil level is required locally at the tank fillpoint. A combined audible and visual alarm is required as soon as the oil level drops below 250 litres and a solenoid valve must close when the oil level reaches 25000 litres. At the same time, the oil level and alarm status needs to be monitored at any time on a remote PC which is located some 23 miles away.

The VarioFox Indication/Control Instrument  from AFRISO was developed for simple applications of this kind, is easy to operate and in conjunction with the AFRISO Event Reporting System EMS 442 and web-service or GSM system for monitoring by mobile phone forms a completely independent measurement and control station with remote monitoring possibilities.

The VarioFox Indication/Control Instrument is a compact, ready-to-connect universal measurement and control instrument with integrated sensor supply and 2 or 4  voltage-free switching outputs.

The instrument is very easy to operate and to program due to its text-orientated menu guidance (English, German or French).

 features a measurement unit listing, where units can be freely edited, as well as a free scaling and calibration of start and end of scale display values (99.999 – 9999) which allows for almost all possible required parameter settings.

For horizontal cylindrical and spherical tanks integrated calibration charts can be accessed.
For non-linear vessels or specially fabricated tanks 24-point linearization is available.
The highest and lowest operational values are memorized but can also be utilized as instrument-internal visual and audible alarms on request.

An alarm mute/accept button on the front of the instrument requires the responsible operator to act and this in itself provides for additional operational safety.

 works off a 50-253Vac or 20-253Vdc supply and has an integrated sensor input (4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V) and two isolated separate analogue outputs (4-20 and 0-10mA).

In conjunction with the relevant electronic transducers (pressure, temperature, level, humidity) or level switches, VarioFox provides the user with an easy and quick-to-install stand-alone measurement and control system for the indication/display, processing and the control of process parameters or events.

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