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Tank Calibration Charts

Charts are available to order, either from tank dimensions, tank curves or dipstick rubbings.

Scale Units – Litres, Gallons, US Gallons, Cu Metres, Cu Feet, Percent, Fractions, Tonnes, Kg, mm, Metres, Feet,
other units on request.

Scale Ranges – mm,  0-20mA, scaled mA, mbar, 270 degrees, 240 degrees, 90 degrees,
other ranges on request.

Dial Face Overlays

Self-adhesive white polyester dial face overlays to suit the following dial sizes:-

Sizes available:- 160mm dia, 100mm dia, 144 x 144mm, 96 x 96mm, 48 x 48mm

Scale Units and Ranges as above.

Full, Refill and Empty marks on dial in red.

Dual scale available on 160mm dial size.

A custom logo may be incorporated along with other dial text.

Can be fitted to customer supplied dials.

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