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SPS-200 Silo Protection System

The SPS200 silo protection system features the specially designed and well proven high level ENT7-STF capacitance probe installed in the top of the silo. The ENT7-STF incorporates a unique system test facility which checks full operational capability during the test cycle.

A silo top mounted pressure transmitter and fillpoint mounted display provides the tanker driver indication of pressure build-up in the silo and gives an early audible and visual high pressure alarm with a subsequent dirty filter alarm if the silo pressure continues to rise.

The high pressure and dirty filter alarm trip point pressures are adjustable to suit individual silo characteristics.

A dirty filter alarm will cause the discharge valve to close immediately, a high level alarm will cause the discharge valve to close after 40 seconds giving the driver time to stop filling.

The system also incorporates a sensor to detect that air is available with sufficient pressure for discharge valve operation and pulsed filter cleaning.
The discharge valve cannot be opened if there is any alarm active or if the test sequence fails.

Access security is provided in the form of a drivers run key which allows the system to be activated. An additional key is held by site personnel which is used to reset the system after an incident.

Key Features
  • 24Vdc, 110 to 230Vac operation.
  • 24Vdc to high level alarm and pressure transmitter.
  • Two key operation.
  • Tamper proof external display meter.
  • High visibility alarm LED cluster lamps.
  • Adjustable pressure trip points to suit silos.
  • High level alarm with self test facility.
  • 4-20mA analogue output and volt free contact for PLC, GSM unit or Datalogger.
  • System fault indication on internal LC display and external service lamp.
  • Optional silo level indication using radar, ultrasonic or TDR level indicators
  • Up to eight SPS-200 systems in one enclosure.
  • Additional functions can be factory added.
  • Out of hours operation.
  • Simple Installation.
Operation Sequence

Normal Filling Operation

Insert Run Key and turn clockwise to activate system.
Press Test to simulate silo high level/pressure alarm condition.
All panel lamps will light up and the sounder/beacon will come on.

Release Test, the green lamp will remain on indicating the discharge valve is open.

If any alarm is showing after testing, the discharge valve remains closed.

The compressor alarm lamp will come on when insufficient pressure is present to open the discharge valve.Commence filling of silo. When the material level in the silo reaches the pre-set high level, the high level lamp lights and the alarm sounder/beacon comes on.

Stop filling and blow out filling hose immediately.

The discharge valve will close 40 seconds after the high level alarm is reached.

Press Mute to silence the audible alarm, de-activate system and then remove Run key.

Abnormal Rise in Silo Pressure
If the pressure in the silo rises due to a dirty filter, the filter alarm lamp and alarm sounder/beacon come on.

If pressure continues to rise over a preset value, the high pressure alarm lamp will come on, the discharge valve will close immediately, the sounder stops but the beacon will continue to flash.

Abandon silo filling operation. 
The silo filter system needs to be checked.  Deactivate system by turning Run key anti-clockwise and remove key.

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