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Room thermostat TA 03

The new AFRISO TA 03 mechanical room thermostat is suitable for monitoring and controlling room temperatures in residential spaces. The room temperature is detected by means of an integrated probe. A change in the volume of the measured liquid and the acting force trigger electrical switching of the controlled equipment (for example, boiler, pump, air conditioner, etc.) according to the adjusted reference value.

For optimum temperature control, the room thermostat should be installed away from direct sunlight, draught air or heat sources, for example, at an inside wall opposing radiators (at a height of approximately 1.5 m). TA 03 has a temperature adjustment range of 7/30 °C. The switching differential is ΔT ≤1K at a rate of change of the temperature of 1K/15 minutes. The switching contact for connected equipment is a changeover contact (NC or NO 16(2.5)A 250 V AC). The controller is suitable for typical pollution (degree 2) in residential and office spaces. The wall mounting PVC housing has a degree of protection IP 20 (EN 60529) and ensures fast and easy surface mounting, also in the case of retrofitting.

The AFRISO TA 03 room thermostat is suitable for controlling the temperature in rooms. For optimum operation, it should be mounted away from heat sources, draught air and direct sunlight. The controller features a switch-off function for the summer months and can be rapidly commissioned due to surface mounting. (Photograph: AFRISO)

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