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Finite energy sources such as natural gas, oil, coal and uranium differ from those which are sustained by energy flowing from ongoing natural processes, such as sunshine. The use of non-renewable energy is not sustainable as their sources will not last. Take crude oil as an example. While early estimates in the 1950s concerning the availability of oil reached different conclusions, today all experts, geologists, physicists and economists included, concur in their forecasts.

In the worst case, oil reserves will be depleted in approximately 40 years and in the most optimistic case approximately 100 years. The total volume of crude oil available on the planet was some 1,800 to 2,000 billion barrels. Of those, about 800 billion barrels have already been extracted leaving 860 billion barrels. Another 150 to 350 billion barrels may yet be discovered. But that’s it – definitely.

These figures show that about one half of all existing crude oil has already been extracted. And even though we, as individuals, may all feel that the influence we have on global factors is a mere drop in the bucket, each of us can contribute by optimizing our oil consumption. We bet that you can reduce yours – for certain!

AFRISO EUROGAUGE is backed by long tradition and is a leading manufacturer of measuring, control and monitoring equipment for domestic and industrial applications as well as environmental protection. Particularly in the heating industry, the company has played a decisive role in the technical progress of oil heating technology by enabling the safe storage of oil e.g. leak detectors and inner tank linings.

In addition to safety technology, AFRISO EUROGAUGE offers equipment that directly or indirectly helps to reduce and optimize oil consumption. This includes level measuring gauges, air supply controllers, vents, filters, draft stabilizers and thermostats as well as measuring and control devices.

For example, AFRISO level measurement gauges (available in both analogue and digital models) allow customers to respond to oil price fluctuations in the market. When prices are low, they can restock oil and avoid locking up capital in excessive oil storage. AFRISO air-supply dampers, controlled by the oil burner, can be mounted in the basement window of the burner room or in air supply ducts of any type of building to prevent the boiler room from cooling down. This reduces the number of switching cycles of the burner, which has a direct impact on oil consumption.

AFRISO flow filters for both open or closed hot water systems remove scale, rust, sludge and air from the water circuit providing two substantial benefits. Fuel consumption is reduced since the heat conductivity of clean water is higher than that of impure water so that rooms become warm more quickly. In addition, clean water reduces the possibility of malfunction and increases the reliability of heating systems, contributing to reduced operating and maintenance costs.

The AFRISO draft stabilizer allows you to set the vacuum required by the manufacturer of the equipment – oil-gas burner/boiler combination, oil furnace, gas furnace, etc. and maintain it constantly.
This is important since the correct draft is a fundamental prerequisite for optimum combustion and contributes to keeping fuel consumption low.

AFRISO automatic fuel oil de-aerators are designed for installation in single-line fuel systems so that the burner withdraws only as much oil from the tank as it consumes. This considerably increases the service life of the fuel oil filter as compared to dual-line operation.

With their flexible timer programs for individual radiators or complete heating zones, AFRISO thermostats contribute significantly to saving energy.

AFRISO flue gas analyzers are used to check and adjust to achieve optimum combustion of all types of heating systems, oil-fired, solid-fuelled or pellet-fuelled as well as condensing systems.

Author: J. Bomhardt, Afriso Euro-Index

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