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Optimum service water circulation connection

The new AFRISO WZS75 hot water circulation system is perfectly suited for professional implementation of a service water circulation connection to an energy storage tank with existing safety-related equipment (hot water tank/stratified storage tank) which is operated at temperatures higher than 60C either permanently or temporarily. The compact assembly consists of a thermostatic mixing valve with integrated scald protection, thermometer, shut-off valve, drain valve for venting or flushing the circulation line as well as various connection parts as per DIN1988.

The hydraulic assembly is suitable for storage systems which are already fitted with safety-related equipment such a diaphragm safety vales or backflow preventers or where such equipment is to be installed in the form of conventional individual components. Storage systems without safety-related equipment can be retrofitted with the AFRISO safety group assembly WSG 150. WZS 75 optimises temperature control in the hot water circulation and ensures that the temperature in the storage system is not unnecessarily reduced. A partial volume of the returning circulation water flows directly to the cold water inlet of the thermostatic mixing valve via an internal connection and is added there.

WZS 75 is suitable for temperatures of the medium of up to 95C and a system pressure of up to 10bar at a flow of 1.6 m/h. An integrated adjustable mixing valve (35C to 60C) helps to avoid scalding at the taps. The valve can be lead-sealed to protect against unauthorised adjustments. The new WZS 75 assembly makes the implementation of a service water circulation connection to and energy storage tank a breeze. The system is primarily intended for operation in single-family and two-family houses.

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