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New smart home tank contents indicator DTA 20 E

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Regardless of the fact that a considerable number of different smart home systems are now in operation, AFRISO has launched a tank contents indicator for level measurement in fuel oil or water tanks. This tank contents indicator can be integrated into such existing smart home systems as well a new, third-party systems. If you connect the tank contents indicator to an AFRISOhome gateway and install the free AFRISOhome app on your smartphone, you are notified with a push message if a minimum level is reached, even if the app is not open.

The new AFRISO DTA 20 E tank contents indicator was developed for level measurement in fuel oil or water tanks and for non-corrosive liquids with a density between 0.5–1.5 g/cm³. The device equipped with an EnOcean wireless module which transmits the measurement results to an AFRISOhome gateway (smart home gateway). It sends a message as soon as the level falls below a configurable minimum value.

DTA 20 E consists of a mains-independent display unit with a digital display and a measuring line (20 m) with bottom part for the tank. The unit is supplied via a 230 V power supply unit. It is also possible to supply the device by means of a 9 V monobloc battery; the service life depends on the adjusted measuring intervals (OFF, 1 to 240 hours). It is also possible to connect the device to existing measuring lines of pneumatic level indicators. The measuring accuracy is +/-1 cm liquid column.

Commissioning is easy with three buttons on the front: A colour-coded menu lets you select the language (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish), the (fuel oil, water, variable), the tank shape Tank shape (linear, spherical and cylindrical horizontal), liquid level, volume, measuring interval and alarm.

Immediately after configuration, DTA 20 E is ready for operation and measures the level in the tank if you press a button or at the selected measuring intervals. The individual values measured at the selected intervals allow you to display a level chart in the AFRISOhome smart home app. This way you can respond to decreasing or increasing fuel oil prices in an optimum way. The tanks contents indicator DTA 20 E is easy and fast to commission.

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