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New single room controller RTL-Box 324 Vario from AFRISO

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The new AFRISO RTL-Box 324 Vario single room controller with return temperature limiter controls the temperature in individual rooms  so far heated by one radiator. It is designed for connection to newly installed underfloor or wall heating systems. The RTL-Box combines heating circuit, room temperature sensor and control in a single unit. The purely mechanical function of the room controller requires neither additional electrical power nor actuators nor similar equipment. Due to the compact dimensions and the aesthetic design, the RTL-Box fits perfectly at the level of light switch installations or similar. This ensures optimum control characteristics and high user-friendliness.

RTL-Box 324 Vario consists of a high-grade, high-gloss cover plate made of sturdy plastic, an aesthetic thermostat control head and a mounting frame. The frame adapts to all walls and levels a height of up to 25mm. An optional extension kit allows you to extend the thermostat head by an additional 20mm, for example, if the wall in an old building is unlevel or the maximum height is exceeded. The wall installation box with shell protection comprises an adjustable valve assembly consisting of a control valve, a thermostat valve and a return temperature limiter for limiting the radiator return temperature to a temperature level suitable for the underfloor or wall heating system. In addition, it is possible to vent the heating circuit by means of an integrated vent valve.

RTL-Box 324 Vario is suitable for nominal pressures of up to 6bar and temperatures of the medium of up to 90C.  The room temperature is continuously adjustable between 8C and 28C; the return temperature is 20C to 48C. The pipes of the underfloor heating system can be easily connected to all other pipe systems by means of the enclosed pipe connector (connector with clamp). Time-consuming, arduous tightening of pipe connections in the connection box is not required.

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