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With over 47 years of design and application engineering experience Afriso Eurogauge offer the most comprehensive range of tank contents gauges, level switches, pressure and temperature gauges for the marine industry.

A well proven and competitively priced range of products provides marine architects, engineers, designers and marine specifiers with one source for all their requirements.

Our experienced team of sales and application engineers provide you with advice and service whenever needed.

Our DNV approved pressure gauges and Nivomag float level switch are regarded as marine standards.

The many different level switches such as ‘no-float’ and ‘fail-safe’ conductivity, microwave, capacitance and other models form part of our extensive range of switches and level gauges to cater for every type of application on board.

Whether you require a single instrument or a complete tank management system with high and low level alarms, Afriso Eurogauge can offer reliable and economic solutions.

According to your preference, you can take your readings from an  analogue meter or display them on a digital indicator with repeater instruments throughout the ship.

Crucial to reliable tank contents measurement and control is the choice of tank sensor. We offer the most comprehensive range including:

  • Capacitance sensors with the option of solid rod or flexible cable probes
  • External tank mounting or submersible pressure transmitters
  • Float level transmitters or ‘bubbler’ type gauges
  • Ultrasonic level meters as well as the latest, most modern and highly accurate micropulse level indicators.
From simple float gauges and float switches to sophisticated Micropulse TDR level indicators feeding information to your onboard computer system, an instrument for every application:

Fuel oil tanks

Flight AVCAT tanks

Lubricating oil tanks

Waste oil tanks

Fresh and drinking water tanks

Grey water tanks

Waste water and sewage tanks

Ballast tanks

Liquid CO2 or LPG tanks

Water ingress alarms

Oil / water separator alarms

Bilge water alarms and switches

‘No-float’ fail-safe level switches

Self powered or ‘Ex’ certified gauges

Leak and gas detectors

Afriso Eurogauge Marine Instrumentation:

Float level switches and gauges

‘Fail-safe’ no-float level switches

Self-powered hydrostatic gauges

Pressure transmitters

Capacitance level indicators

Micropulse TDR level indicators

Pressure and temperature gauges

Overfill alarms

Bilge water alarms

Oil / water separator alarms

Leak and gas detectors

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