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Fuel Oil Filter - Insert

Sintered Plastic Sieves
Excellent filter effectiveness. For small and medium burner capacities. Suitable for single and dual line operation.

Short Sintered Plastic Sieve
Mesh size: 50 µm (colour code: yellow),
Filter surface: 115 cm2

Long Sintered Plastic Sieve
Mesh size: 35 µm (colour code: white),
Filter surface: 200 cm2
Can be used with long filter bowl.
Preferably for single line operation.

Felt Sieve
Excellent filter effectiveness.
For medium and large burner capacities.
Suitable for single and dual line operation.
Mesh size: 50-75 µm.
With additional tubular sieve (filter surface: 15.3 cm2) under the felt rings.

Stainless Steel Sieve
Filter effectiveness: good. For medium and large burner capacities.
Suitable for single and dual line operation.
Mesh size: 100 µm, filter surface: 48 cm2. Pollution can be seen.

Fuel Oil Filter - Cartridge

Excellent filter effectiveness.
Mesh size: 12-30 µm
Filter surface: 840 cm2
Can be used with all AFRISO filter types with additional adapter.
Also suitable for operation under pressure and temperatures of up to 80°C.

Adapter for filter exchange system

This unit can be fitted to all AFRISO filter types and can then be operated both in pressure and suction mode.

Ultra-Fine Fuel Oil Filters - OPTICLEAN MC-7 and MC-18

Over the years, oil heating facilities have become genuine high-tech systems. The quality of heating fuel oil has been adapted to the requirements of state-of-the-art heating technology.  Condensing oil heating systems are becoming a genuine alternative to natural gas. Low energy houses and renovated premises with optimum heat insulation require burners with minimum oil throughput.
This requires a new filter technology. For this purpose, the Opticlean ultra-fine oil filters were developed.
They fit into any standard fuel oil filter and ensure maximum effectiveness due to a surface up to 37 times the size of conventional filter inserts.  For the first time, filter ratings of nominal 5µm and absolute 20 µm are possible. Even the smallest drops of water and emulsion are retained with high reliability.
The new environmentally friendly Opticlean filter cartridges are free from metal and can therefore be recycled.

Opticlean MC-7

Ultra-fine filter
Mesh size: 5-20 µm
Filter surface: 700 cm2

Opticlean MC-18

Ultra-fine filter
Mesh size: 5-20 µm
Filter surface: 1850 cm2
Can be used with long filter bowl.

Oil Filter Accessories

Filter Bowls, Filter Spanners and hand operated Oil Suction Pump.

Flow Filter 78210

Modern heating systems generate and distribute heat with a high degree of precision. Water is the medium primarily used for heat transfer in such systems. However, water also transports unwanted substances such as lime, calcium, magnesium, oxides, carbonates and production pollutants such as welding or soldering scrap, metal chips, and construction dirt.

Flushing the heating system prior to commissioning does not fully remove these substances. The pressure and temperature conditions during operation allow these unwanted substances to react. Particles collect at the surface of heat exchangers. Stress caused by temperature differences at the heat exchanger cause larger particles to come off. These particles may cause malfunctions of the fittings and control components.

The AFRISO EUROGAUGE flow filter was developed to solve such problems. Flow filters remove lime, rust, sludge, dirt and gas from heating systems and ensure clean water and trouble-free operation.

Clean water is key for trouble free operation of heating systems with the benefit of reduction in operating and maintenance costs. In addition, the thermal conductivity of clean water is superior to that of polluted water which results in faster room heating.  This reduces fuel consumption and has a positive effect on the environment.

The filter functions according to the principle of reverse flow preventing the water from transporting all particles. Particles are collected in the filter chamber where they can be removed via a flushing valve.

The combined air flow filter was developed for heating systems containing oxygen or other gases, the integral air vent enables automatic venting of the heating system.

The compact flow filter (air flow filter) is always installed in the return pipe upstream of the heat source, irrespective of whether the heat source is installed at the lowest point of the heating system. The filtering and protection function of the filter also works when heating systems are installed in a high level situation such as an attic or loft conversion.

Suitable for hot water heating systems, underfloor heating systems, solar systems (special versions, please enquire), fuel cells and renovation of system components (sludge removal).
Also suitable for removing lime in the circulation circuit of non-potable water facilities.

• Suitable for open and sealed systems
• Also suitable for the precipitation of lime in the circulation circuit of non-potable water systems
• Reliable function principle without filter sieve
• Flushing possible during normal system operation
• Easy and cost effective installation
• Cost savings due to fewer malfunctions and longer service life of the installation
• Energy savings due to improved heat transfer with clean system components

Housing: Cast brass
Operating pressure: Max. 10 bar
Operating temperature: Max. 95 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D): Flow filter: 120 x 194 x 60 mm
Connections: Flow filter: Inlet G3/4″  Outlet G1″

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