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We currently offer a broad range of options and designs that display product levels, warning alarms and control processes.

A range of standard and bespoke panel designs and solutions forms a unique part of our manufacturing capability.

This enables us to supply complete systems that work in partnership with the many variations of level and process control instrumentation currently available, each covering a wide range of practical applications.

In keeping with todays requirements we offer many of these solutions with the option of transmitting data through GSM, web or lan systems.
Single or multilevel control panels with LCD or LED displays, legends, alarm warning lamps, sounders, beacons, test and mute facilities.


Retransmission of level and alarm data to the internet, local area networks and management systems.


Inputs from most types of field instrumentation including pressure transmitters, magnetostrictive and TDR level indicators, capacitance probes, radar and ultrasonic level indicators, thermometers and flowmeters.
Assembled and preprogrammed in-house ready for installation.
Standard and ATEX designs.
Complete custom design and manufacturing service.
Installation and commissioning service.
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