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Compact pressure gauges for the chemical industry

The AFRISO NS 50 (NS 63) Bourdon tube pressure gauge for chemical applications is used to measure the pressure of gaseous and liquid media at temperatures of up to 150  C (NS 63 up to 200 °C)in the measuring ranges 0/0.6 bar to 0/600 bar (0/0.6 bar to 0/1000 bar).

The robust design with a measuring system that is completely welded to the housing makes for a shock- and vibration-resistant unit that does not require seals. This keeps the risk of leaks to a minimum and ensures high long-term stability. The device is available with G¼B – size 14 (EN 837-1/7.3) process concretions: bottom, centre back, bottom back and other connections on request. The pressure gauges for chemical applications NS 50 and NS 63 are tightness-tested with Helium and feature a stainless steel housing with blow-out; NS 50 has a plastic window, NS 63 a laminated safety glass window. The pressure gauges are optionally available with clamp fixing, a 3-hole front flange, special scales and an ATEX version. The Bourdon tube pressure gauges for chemical applications NS 50 and NS 63 are DNV- and GOSSTANDART-certified and suitable for chemical and process engineering applications.

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