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Combined thermometer/pressure gauge / thermo-hydrometer TM

The new AFRISO TM combined thermometer/pressure gauge consists of a Bourdon tube measuring system for pressure measurement and a bi-metal measuring system for temperature measurement; it is designed for simultaneous, combined pressure and temperature measurement of liquids which are not highly viscous and do not crystallise.

The TM combined thermometer/pressure gauge features a self-sealing connection thread and an automatically closing mounting valve which allows for easy replacement of the measuring instrument without the necessity to drain or shut down the system. The thermometer is suitable for a temperature range of 20/120 °C and the pressure gauge/hydrometer for pressures from 0/4 bar to 0/10 bar / 0/6 mWC to 0/60 mWC. The measuring instrument is available in various versions with bottom or rear brass connections (G¼B with mounting valve G¼ to R½) and with an optional adapter (M 18 x 1 to G¼) if it is to be installed into an existing pocket with female thread M 18 x 1. On request, the measuring instruments can also be delivered with other process connections or special scales. The new TM combined thermometer/pressure gauges are specially designed for heating systems and boilers.

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