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Afriso Eurogauge currently manufacture a range of products that can be solar powered with battery backup.

With the rising cost of civil engineering, solar powered field instrumentation has become one of our unique manufacturing capability, allowing customers to place level or alarm instruments in remote locations or portable applications.

This capability allows us to solar/battery power many mains or low voltage level and alarm products.

We can also retransmit level and alarm data from unmanned or remote sites using the same power method.

For the OEM we offer the basic solar/battery powered module in a wall or pole mounting enclosure ready to install other types of monitoring  or control equipment.

Inputs include oil separator alarms, pipeline and interstitial space monitoring, continuous level indicators, high and low alarms, oil on water alarms, fuel leakage alarms, data loggers or a mixture of the above.

High performance solar panel with 12V 18AH battery backup as standard.

Timed operation, Standard is 2 hours sleep, 20 seconds awake – other timing as requested

Mains, 12 or 24Vdc instruments.

Pole or wall mounted options.

Local alarm sounder/beacon option.

GSM Modem option.

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