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Numerous manufacturers, solutions and a vast variety of products are on the market. The corresponding systems all have the same objective: to make the home, the office or the company intelligent. The focus is to use existing technologies in such a way that the user benefits from more security, convenience, energy savings and comfort. However, many interested consumers are still insecure as to which products, brands or companies to use in implementing their intelligent homes. Many are not sufficiently familiar with the idea of a smart home, and even extended research does not always help. There is a fear to go for the wrong smart home solution that may turn out to be a dead end road. 

This is exactly where HVAC companies and electricians come in to provide professional assistance with AFRISO products. AFRISO Smart Home, a complete solution for indoor climate, comfort and security, is open to the “smart” ideas and wishes of consumers. The system uses various wireless standards to allow for the integration of sensors and actuators from other vendors in addition to AFRISO products. As of now, more than 200 devices can be integrated – for AFRISO Smart Home, even controlling consumer electronics or using telecommunication and internet services in a convenient way is no problem.

What’s best about this system: the services provided by professional companies from the classical trades still take centre stage with this approach. With AFRISO Smart Home, these services can now be professionally rendered in the area of smart homes, but with considerably less time and without dirt or dust. Leakage alarm units, single room temperature controllers, lighting and window blinds control via relays, smoke or heat alarms – the professional company discusses the requirements with the customer and create a corresponding quotation. This way, companies can improve their order volumes and also take the decisive step towards the increasing digitisation of the trade.

The services rendered by expert companies are only the first stimulus since future smart functionality provided via updates as well as new devices ensure long-term customer relationships that allow HVAC professionals, electricians and companies from other trades to distinguish themselves as professional, competent partners.

The services rendered by expert companies are only the first stimulus since future smart functionality provided via updates as well as new devices ensure long-term customer relationships that allow HVAC professionals, electricians and companies from other trades to distinguish themselves as professional, competent partners. Thus, the future-oriented AFRISO Smart Home system provides multiple benefits to professional companies. The key factor is: mounting and commissioning remain simple! Configuring the system and teaching in new smart devices is a snap due to the logical step-by-step instructions. All the same, AFRISO offers training seminars and workshops for installers. Here, the participants, learn, for example, how simple heating system controllers can save a lot of energy or how one or two components can suffice to implement an efficient alarm system to increase the security of residents or buildings.

The users have a whole range of further benefits: in addition to professional devices which must be installed by expert companies, they themselves can integrate less complex DIY devices such as weather stations, indoor climate measuring devices, door bells, interphone systems, lighting systems or indoor cameras. The AFRISO Smart Home system provides for a simple start and can be extended almost without limitations.

The AFRISO Smart Home system can be tailored to all requirements. Some sensors and actuators can communicate completely autonomously, i.e. without Internet connection, without smartphone and without gateway that is required for more complex applications. Examples include the maintenance-free, battery-less AFRISO EnOcean sensors such as the water sensor WaterSensor eco. It can be placed below washing machines, bathtubs, sinks, in basements or anywhere else where water leakage may go undetected. The sensors are connected to the motorised AFRISO WaterControl 01 shut-off valve via EnOcean wireless so that the valve can automatically close the main water line as soon as a sensor detects water and trigger visual and audible alarms. You can connect up to 40 sensors directly to the valve and monitor for water leakage at many points in the building.

Battery-less EnOcean wireless technology: If you like to install cable ducts and want dust in the building and prefer cumbersome battery replacements, you are free to install cables. But if you want things to be easy and convenient, you can opt for energy-autonomous signal transmission via EnOcean wireless and benefit from easy plug and play installation.

If you decide for more comprehensive Smart Home solutions or complex building management systems, you need a gateway. The AFRISOhome gateway is equipped with EnOcean, WLAN and Z-Wave and can be optionally extended by the wireless standards ZigBee and M-Bus. This way, it is possible to integrate consumer products from Smart Home manufacturers such as the LED systems PHILIPS Hue and IKEA TRÅDFRI (ZigBee), the Netatmo camera systems or the Amazon Echo voice control system Alexa (WLAN) to the gateway.

If the gateway communicates with Amazon Echo, it is possible to control all devices connected to the AFRISOhome gateway with the activation word “Alexa”. In the future, it is sufficient to say: “Alexa, set the temperature to 23 °C in the kid’s room, switch on the floor lamp in the living room from 9 to 5 and set the colour to green, close the window blinds …”, etc..

Data security is high since all data is stored on the user’s gateway and transmitted according to one of the highest encryption standards just like in the case of online banking. AFRISO Smart Home does not use a cloud solution and can therefore also be operated without an Internet connection. All measured values, messages and alarms are documented on the local system and displayed in the browser, on the smartphone or the tablet via the free AFRISOhome app. The app allows you to monitor and control all connected devices in your home in a very simple way. The data is also displayed in diagrams so that the user has an overview of the temperatures, power consumption and other information concerning the home. If users receive a push message from safety-related devices, they can immediately take measures, even remotely. The function PROgrams allows the user to create automated sequences using “If-And-Then” operators, for example, repetitive tasks at fixed times (such as lights ON/OFF) or actions to be performed by multiple components (such as CLOSE all windows, set room temperature to 22 °C, switch ON lamps).

With the AFRISOhome app, users can access their homes from anywhere in the world, at any time: “Are all windows closed? Is the light off in all rooms? What is the temperature in the living room? Is the air quality ok? Is the humidity ok?” All measured values, the connection quality and the battery status are displayed. Even energy consumption can be evaluated to help the user save energy.

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