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AFRISO at the ISH Frankfurt Fair

Energy, air conditioning or building technology  ISH is the industrys number one meeting point for everyone interested in trendsetting systems with maximum efficiency, modern design and perfect convenience. More than 2,400 exhibitors, including all market leaders from home and abroad, will showcase their new products at ISH. ISH has a leading role worldwide as 64 percent of the exhibitors and 40 percent of the around 200,000 visitors come from outside Germany.

We invite the visitors to ISH in Frankfurt (March 11 to 15) to the AFRISO stand (hall 10.2, stand B25) to find out the latest about new products or to join us in celebrating our 150th company anniversary with a glass of sparkling wine. But back to the many new products: We will present the new DTA 20 E tank contents indicator for location-independent level measurement in fuel oil or water tanks which can also be connected to existing measuring lines of other pneumatic level indicators. It is equipped with an EnOcean wireless module which transmits the measurement results to an AFRISOhome gateway (smart home gateway). The free AFRISOhome app on the smartphone allows users to always see the current level and be notified with a push message if a minimum level is reached.

The new FTM 20 TF temperature sensor which measures the ambient temperature and the humidity in rooms will also be exhibited. Its sensor data is also transmitted to the AFRISOhome gateway and can be used to directly control room temperature controllers, wireless radiator thermostats or exhaust fans. The FTM 20 TF sensor features a solar energy storage module which allows for several days of operation even in complete darkness.

We will also introduce the new wireless and battery-less radiator thermostats AVD 30 which are ideal for retrofitting of radiators in schools, administration buildings and other public buildings where adjustments of the temperature may only be made by authorised personnel. AVD 30 also records the room temperature over time.

Everyone interested in the optimum operation of stratified storage tanks should take a closer look at the new WZS75 hot water circulation system. The system ensures intelligent circulation distribution without back-circulation and without mixing of the temperatures in the stratified storage tank. WZS75 is ideal for retrofitting existing systems, primarily in single-family and two-family homes. The system allows for energy savings of up to 30% as compared to conventional circulation systems.

The new ATM363WMG thermostatic mixing valve is designed to control hot water in drinking water systems, boilers or drinking water heaters. It is suitable for implementing or retrofitting a service water circulation connection to an energy storage tank (hot water tank/stratified storage tank) with existing safety-related equipment and pump.

The new RTL-Box 324Vario single room controller with return temperature limiter is used for decentralised temperature control in individual rooms with underfloor heating systems or wall heating systems in combination with radiator installation. The RTL-Box 324 Vario combines heating circuit, room temperature sensor and control in a single unit. The purely mechanical function of the room controller requires neither additional electrical power nor actuators nor similar equipment. Due to the compact dimensions and the aesthetic design, the RTL-Box fits perfectly at the level of light switches. This ensures optimum control characteristics and excellent user-friendliness.

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